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In order to properly arrange the furniture does not need special knowledge. It is enough just to have a desire and taste. The arrangement depends on your preferences and imagination. The very first thing you need to decide on is the appointment of the room, who will live in it, what functional areas do you need?
Designers recommend to draw an approximate scheme of the interior, before making the apartment furnished. This method will help to estimate the amount of free space, sirentuet finding sockets, opening doors. You are not an artist, and do not have technical skills? Use conventional geometric shapes. For example, a square is a bed, a rectangle is a TV, etc. Even a child can cope with this task! The main advantage of this solution is convenience, it is much easier to draw figures than to move heavy furniture in a room.
Professionals use every detail in the interior. If you have non-standard convex walls, you can apply them when planning the zones in an apartment. Divide the room into a working and sleeping area. It is not necessary to order a specialist to know how to properly furnish an apartment.
One of the ways that a lot of experts in the field of interior uses is to find the point of the room from which the objects will be placed. For example, in the living room it can be a coffee table, in the bedroom there is a bed, in the nursery there is a desk. Accordingly, the main subject is symmetrically placed around the necessary items in the room. In a one-room apartment it is advisable to place furniture and divide it into several areas: a living room (upholstered furniture), a workplace, a bedroom. This can serve as a normal shelving.
Do you go to bed late, like to watch TV? An integral part will be a TV stand , which will serve as a television screen. It is logical to put such a cabinet opposite a soft sofa, it is necessary to take into account the turn of the head when watching TV, an uncomfortable position can cause a lot of trouble.
If you have a large number of clothes, and do not know how to rationally fold it, place the original built-in closet that will complement the interior with its design. Cabinets are advantageously placed along the wallless walls, and the best option is a large mirror on the doors, they will visually enlarge the room.
If you plan to force the living room area, be guided by one's own desires. Usually rooms with this function have only a soft group and a table. Here the arrangement does not matter, the main thing is convenience. Create a warm atmosphere of hospitality, coziness, and fun.
The simplest and easiest way to save space, and not to think about arranging furniture in an apartment is buying a bed with drawers and built-in tables. This option is suitable as best for a small area. In our catalog a large variety of soft beds for everyone.
Lighting the room also plays an important role. Do you read or watch TV shows in the evenings? It is necessary to take care of the table lamps, or to arrange the lighting directly above the place of your rest.
In the sleeping area, light devices should be available in the area of ​​the outstretched arm. Take care of your health!

So, let's sum up what is needed to properly arrange the furniture :
  1. 1. We make an approximate diagram of the surrounding interior in the room. We mark the doors, sockets, windows. We estimate free space.
  2. 2. Use every detail in your interior: convex walls for functional division into zones, corners for corner cabinets or shelves.
  3. 3. Divide the apartment into functional areas. Select the main objects in each relative, which you will arrange the furniture.
  4. 4. Think about what will be in the room, a minimum for the bedroom: a bed, a table for a TV, a bedside table; For the living room: upholstered furniture, coffee table; For a nursery: a cot, a computer table, a shelf for storing toys or exercise books. Place according to your scheme, not forgetting about convenience and considering the functionality of each item.
  5. 5. Lighting must cover all areas of its light.

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