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The chest of drawers is not an obligatory part of the interior, but still adds practicality to the room. In the last century, the chest reflected the status of the owner, this element of decor was considered a sign of wealth. Now it has become more habitual attribute of our life, and still as popular.

Modern chest of drawers in the interior of the living room

Now the chest of drawers are made in the style of rococo, Empire, classical, completely different colors and textures. Their design is predominantly of dark wood, black, with woven inserts, as well as possible, fit into the interior of the living room. Especially good for the living room suitable mobile chests of drawers, which can easily be moved around the territory, used as a partition, or a table (depending on the size). Such chests of drawers have one smooth and beautiful side, on the other - they are straight drawers with neat, cutting handles, or completely automatic stylish drawers. In our online store you can choose multifunctional and stylish chests for each room.
Modern technologies do not cease to surprise us, so not so long ago there were new items in the market of furniture goods: chests with an automatic mechanism of TV production. When the control panel is pressed from the chest of the chest, the TV panel is extended. This is a phenomenal invention for those who do not like "extra" items in their room.

Modern chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom

The chest of drawers in the bedroom is a separate story. They are very often needed to store sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. That is why, most often, large size and large-sized capacious bottom boxes.
Often interior designers use a combination of dresser and mirror. It's pretty practical, especially if the girl lives in the room. This combination can completely replace the dressing table. And the numerous boxes will serve well, because they can put everything: from jewelry and jewelry, to a bulky blanket.
If you still decided to put such a dressing table in the room, do not forget about the color. The chest of drawers should look harmonious in a pair with a mirror, be in the same scale. We have in the catalog available chests and hallways at the price of the manufacturer.
Chests for bedrooms are full of variety. Representatives of the female half are suitable chests of gentle, warm pink and beige shades. However, for men in the product line there are strict classical, as well as original chests of drawers.
When choosing a chest of drawers in a room, first of all it is necessary to focus on its design, and of course, on the guides in the boxes. For each person convenience is determined in its own way, however, the most unusually comfortable became automatic. Chests made with this system allow you to open and close the chest doors or drawers without much effort. To open the box just click on it and it will open or go.

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