Saturday, 20 May 2017


Everyone ever thought about how to properly arrange furniture in the kitchen. In new homes with modern apartments there are no problems with the arrangement of kitchen sets. However, in old buildings where two people can hardly fit in the kitchen, the situation forces the furniture issue to be solved as effectively as possible with small possibilities.
A good solution to the problem will be the use of built-in furniture and appliances in the interior.
It will greatly facilitate its choice, measuring the width of the niche along the longest wall, in order to order the headset according to the exact dimensions. Think about the technique that you will need: a stove, a dishwasher, a hood, a microwave, a blender, etc. Depending on this, plan free space.
It is important that near the stove there are the most necessary items, which means that the boxes for the instruments must be near. A microwave oven should be placed on a shelf (something you should also think about before ordering a headset), or attach it with brackets to the wall. The same goes for the blender, multivark - place them in special places, not on the working surfaces. Use the space countertops profitable!
We will try to suggest how to arrange kitchen furniture most effectively.
Of course, the kitchen should be primarily convenient for cooking. Certainly there should be: a zone for preparation of products, which means a sufficient place for cutting vegetables, fruits or meat; Zone for washing dishes and appliances; Cooking area; A dining group.
If you have a wide window sill, then it can be used as a shelf for the stand of devices, or extend it with a countertop and use it for cutting food.

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