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The big mattress - aka My furniture store - case

The big mattress - aka My furniture store -
Based on our personal experience - we would not buy anything from the stores above!

To sum up:
1.       The Seller has provided misleading information to us (presenting wrong pictures on the website and promising that what we saw will be delivered however they deliver another product)
2.       The Seller is making deceive statements: the seller is saying that we didn’t specify that we need a model without extra legs however we were very specific about it from the very beginning
3.       Once Seller delivered wrong and faulty model we requested refund but seller refused money refund and refused return delivery at his own cost - this is against the law.

    On the NSW Fair Trading site  says that:

Who is responsible for returned goods?

When the consumer tells you they are returning the goods, the goods become your property. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the goods from this time.
The consumer must return the goods to you unless the cost of returning, removing or transporting is significant – for example, the size makes transportation costly.
If so, you must collect the goods at your own expense and within a reasonable time.
Examples of goods you would have to collect:
  • a 127 cm LCD TV
  • a bed
  • a swimming pool filter connected to a pool by fixed pipes

Case details: 

On 26/01/17 we ordered 'COLORADO (MODEL 21-18-2-1-14) TRIO TRIPLE BUNK BED' from The Big Mattress Australia
Address: Auburn Home Mega Mall, Level 2, 265

The model we ordered has 4 legs (as per design).

On 16/02/17 we received email from the seller "We would like to offer a same bunk that is currently in stock as per Craig" - Tristan Carvajal <>

We replied to that message that we still need to have a model as per original design with 4 legs, comparison pictures were provided to the seller.

We've also made it very clear with the following statement "if you refer to another model (with extra legs - see sample from another website attached) then we don't want to proceed, please return money paid (order #199)"

The Seller had insured us that we will receive exactly what we ordered but under different product name 'DARWIN TRIO TRIPLE BUNK BED' so we continue waiting for the delivery.

On 25/02/17 we received our order but the bed what different.
The bed we received has 8 legs as per design and the package had 1 leg missing. We immediately reported this issue to the seller with request to provide the bed with 4 legs but he refuses the fact that we requested another bed. The seller has also refuses money refund.

The email we received from the Seller:
                Tristan - 25/2/17 - 1 X LEG MISSING - customer agreed to an exchange of bunk - therefore not able to refund - there was no specification of how many legs under the bunk that were or were not required - request for refund not approved - management -

We did not agree to exchange our order to another bunk with extra legs. In our response, we made that very clear that we need a bed as per original specs (with 4 legs). In addition, comparison pictures with explanation details were provided to the Seller.

On 16/02/17 we received another email from the Seller stated that "It will be the same as the one pictured from our website".

The picture from the website page has bunk bed model with 4 legs only. This model we received is completely different to what we ordered: because of the extra legs in the centre of the bed base the DARWIN model no storage space under the bed for bulk items. Extra storage space was the key reason to choose COLORADO model with 4 legs only.

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