Saturday, 25 February 2017

"The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" - feedback

Customer review – please read in full here

What is mentioned below is exactly what we experienced with these companies: "The big mattress" - / "My furniture store" -
Other customers probably might have better service, but we don't know it...
The good part: prices are OK.... sort of 'everything is always on sale'... we would recommend to compare with other stores - you wouldn't find much difference in between discounted price from and normal price from other stores

The bad part -
1. Extremely bad with delivery time-frames. in our case it took about 1 month. While in other store you will get, things ordered and delivered within few days, 'the big mattress' might deliver in a month(s). If you OK to wait, then it might be minor issue...
2. When we reported about the issues we received a phone call from the store - the guy who was calling us was very rude and shameless. He didn't want to listen anything just replied that we will not get anything from what we received.
3. 'The Big Mattress' online store was cheating on us, they were making foolish statements and refused to admit anything they did wrong to us.

Personal opinion: we would never ever buy anything from these online shops.

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